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    Pmu Machine

    We’re a team committed to creating the best independent brand possible.

    Since 2019 we start finding beautiful products for pmu artists


    We started this journey to build a company we were proud of – one that stands the

    Best of time.

    Silver machine

    You may choose your machine color

    There’s silver and gold

    This is the machine how it looks

    This machine is lightweight and easy to use

    Charger is connected to wire

    Cord to electric device

    This machine is not cordless

    You do not charge this machine

    Pmu Single Needle Cartridge

    Disposable packed disinfectant needles are necessary each needles. You must check the expiration date and write down the needle numbers on each customers for your record.

    Each needle must be in the package and disposable for each time client

    Look at the backside of the needle package

    Lot number and expiration date is on it

    Please make sure write down each time client to keep your record for your protection


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